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When thinking about buying a new home, I know that a million things immediately come to mind.  My husband and I have bought and sold many properties over the last 8 years.  How much can we afford?  How much will the payment be?  Can we get a loan?

The first call you should make before you begin looking for you next home, is to your mortgage broker or loan officer. money.jpg

It is very  important to know your financial situation before you start searching for your new home.  Credit scores, interest rates, and debt to income ratios all dramatically affect the types of loans and programs available to home-buyers.  It will also affect the amount of credit you have available to finance your new home.

The fact of the matter is, credit costs money.  Interest rates are the means to which banks make money.  The higher the risk, based on your credit scores and debt to income ratios,  the more a bank will charge for the cost of obtaining credit. 

Why does the credit score play such a important part in the process of applying for credit?  To quote one of my favorite talk show hosts, Dr. Phil, ” The best predictor of future behavior, is past behavior”

If you are consistently 5 days late on your car payment,  you behavior tells the bank, “I don’t pay my bills on time, so don’t expect a payment from me when it’s due.”

Likewise, if you mail your house payment in 2 weeks early and you pay off your credit cards every month, your behavior tells the bank, “I pay my bills on-time and understand the conditions of the credit agreements I have entered into.”

From an real estate agents point of view, not knowing what price range a buyer can afford to buy in would only lead me on a wild goose chase and end up taking up a lot of both mine and my clients time. 

You wouldn’t go to the check out at the grocery store without making sure you had money in your wallet, right?  The same rule loosley applies to shopping for a new home. 

time-is-money.jpgLots of  real estate agents would be more than happy to take you through homes for sale in your area, I’m one of them;  but I can’t stress enough the importance of talking to a mortgage lender and becoming pre-approved!

  • Pre-approval gives weight to any, and all offers that you make on a property.
  • Defines the price range for which you can obtain a loan commitment from a lender.
  • Helps you understand exactly what that credit is going to cost you in terms of interest rates.
  • A mortgage broker can help you estimate your final monthly payment, closing costs, and necessary down payment.
  • Being pre-approved, saves both you and your real estate agent a valuable amount of time!

I have established a business relationship with Daniel Cerovac at Wells Fargo Home Finance in Aurora, IL.  Dan is the branch manager there, and we have talked about the kind of service I would like to see for my clients.  Dan will work with you to find a loan program that you are comfortable with and that meets your needs.  If you are thinking about buying a new home, give Dan a call.  You can reach him at the office at 630-820-5229,  He’s a smart guy and he’ll take great care of you! 

After you talk to Dan, call me  we’ve got some house shopping to do!

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We moved into our new home here in Plainfield a little over 2 years ago, and the memory of packing our every earthly possession is still too much to bare!

packingweb.jpgSince our next home was new construction, we were unable to plan for an exact closing date. Thankfully my wonderful sister Lu Wayne and her husband Dwayne (no… I’m not kidding, those are their real names!) let us live with our 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 turtles, and guinea pig, in their finished basement for 6 weeks, until we were finally able to sign the papers!

Who moves 2 weeks before Christmas?! Only crazy people.

We closed on our former home on December 15th, 2004 and didn’t move into our new house until January 27. 2005.

What were we going to do with all of our stuff for 6 weeks?! Thankfully we had heard about a new company called: pods_logo.jpg

We had no idea where we were going to find a moving company willing to store all of our belongings for the next 6 weeks without costing us a small fortune. Luckily PODS was incredibly reasonable in price, and extremely flexible with the amount of time we could store all of our STUFF!

I loved that the PODS containers were on the ground level, and easy to access. No stairs or hydraulic lifts! They charge by the month, so we were able to move our things into the POD at our own pace. The best part? We could move in exactly the same way.

truckdrivewayweb.jpgThe units are delivered door to door, exactly when you need them.

I can’t think of a better, more efficient way to move, without being at the mercy of a moving company. We are very satisfied customers, and have recommended PODS to all of our family and friends, whether in Plainfield or somewhere else, who have moved in the last 2 years.

Traditional movers will cost you an average of between $800 and $ 1500 for a 6 room house and usually require that you work within a time frame of about 2 days to pack, transport and deliver all of your possessions. PODS cost us a fraction of that, and gave us the flexibility to choreograph our move perfectly.

We needed 2 of the largest POD units, to move our 2500 sq ft. home and 2 car garage, and still had a bit of room to spare. I don’t think it cost us more than a total of $600 for the entire 6 weeks for both units.

We love our new house and have since added our 4th child to the family. We have definitely grown into our new Plainfield home and absolutely love it!

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Maybe you don’t attend church on a regular basis…. and believe me, I am not one to judge, but if you are looking for a place in Plainfield, IL to celebrate Easter morning church services this is the place to find the time, denomination and location of the service you are looking for.

Church of the Good Shepherd Evangelical Covenant: 2437 Plainfield Rd. Plainfield ( 1/2 mile southeast of Louis Joliet Mall)

8:30 & 10:45 am

St. Francis Xavier: 2500 Arbeiter Rd. Joliet, IL 60431 (815-609-8077)

Holy Thursday 7:30 pm, Good Friday 7:30 pm, Holy Saturday Blessing of Baskets 11:00 am, Saturday Evening Easter Vigil 8:00 pm, Easter Sunday 8:30 & 10:00 am

Followers of Christ Lutheran Church: 12357 S. 248th Ave. Plainfield (815-439-0700)

Maundy Thursday 7:30 pm, Good Friday 7:30 pm, Easter Sunday 8:15 & 11:00 am

Community Christian Church: 175 W. Highpoint Dr. Romeoville & 901 Shorewood Dr. Shorewood (815-221-2000)

Sunday Services at 9:30 and 11:00 am

Holy Family Parish: 600 Brook Forest Ave, Shorewood, IL (815-725-6880)

Maundy Thursday 7:00 pm, Good Friday 7:00 pm, Holy Saturday 8:00 pm, Easter Masses 7:30 am, 9:30 am, and 11:30 am

Wheatland Salem United Methodist Church: 1852 W. 95th Street, Naperville, IL 60564 (630-904-1035)

Holy Thursday 7:30 pm, Good Friday 7:30 pm, Easter Sunday 7:00, 8:30, 10:00 traditional services in Sanctuary: 9:00 and 10:30 am Contemporary Service in the Worship Center

St. Mary Immaculate Parish: 15629 S. Rt. 59, Planfield, IL

Holy Thursday 7:00 pm, Good Friday 3:00 pm Stations of the Cross, 4:00 pm Via Crucis in Parking Lot, 7:00 pm Veneration of the Cross, Saturday Blessings of Food and Easter Baskets 12:00 noon, Saturday Easter Vigil 8:00 pm, Easter Sunday Services 7:30 am in Church & Gym, 9:00 am Church, 9:15 Gym and Cana, 9:30 at Central Elementary and Ira Jones Middle School, 10:45 am –Church, 12:15 pm – Church, 12:30 pm – Cana

There is no 6:00 pm mass on Easter Sunday

Peace Lutheran Church: 24024 West Main St. Plainfield, IL ( 815-436-9847 )

Maundy Thursday Worship 7:00 pm, Good Friday Worship 7:00 pm, Easter Sunday Worship 6:30 am and 8:30 am… 11:00 am Contemporary Service
Easter Sunday Breakfast at 7:30 am!

I hope that this post helps you find the church and service you are looking for this Easter!

On a side note, the services at these community places of worship fill up fast on holidays such as Easter and Christmas. Please think about arriving early to avoid the issue of having to stand during the service. I know… we’ve had to suffer through standing with our children during several holiday services over the last 8 years!

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Becoming a homeowner is the America Dream, but buying your first home can be stressful if you don’t really know what your getting yourself into.

When my husband and I bought our first home we didn’t have a clue. The FHA lending requirements at the time were very strict and we were barely able to qualify for the loan, even on both of our incomes. We waited on pins and needles waiting to hear if our loan was approved. That was almost 8 years ago!

Today, high risk lenders have made it possible for virtually anyone to qualify for a loan with little regard as to whether or not they have the ability to repay the note. Creative financing, pre-payment penalties, adjustable rate notes, and interest only loans have set many new homeowners up to fail, resulting in a record number of foreclosures all across America.

Old House 1Plainfield, IL, and Will County in general, have one of the fastest growing rates of foreclosure in Illinois. In fact on the street where we bought our first home, we watched helplessly as 4 homes on our street went to auction within 2 years of being built. More than that, we lost good neighbors that were too ashamed of their circumstances to even say good-bye. That is why I made the decision to learn as much as I could about the foreclosure process and how to help people avoid it.

If you are facing hard times and struggling financially, don’t wait until it’s too late to get off the ship before it sinks!

Here’s what you can do right now to avoid a foreclosure and save your credit:

  • If you have to nix every other luxury in your life, or have a choice as to what bills to pay… DON’T stop paying your mortgage! You really need to make life changes in order to survive a financial set back. You can live without cable, the Internet, or a cell phone until things get better. Believe me, my husband and I had to make similar decisions when he became unemployed for several months. It can be done!
  • Sell your home. Many homeowners wait too long before they make the decision to sell their home to avoid a foreclosure. If you have equity in your home, you will need it to pay off other debts. Don’t let missed mortgage payments, interest, and lawyers fees eat up the equity in your home! This will be one of the most painful decisions you will ever have to make if you really don’t want to sell, but it will leave the door open to owning a home again in the future. Sometimes, listing your house for sale can buy you a little time in the process as well.
  • Stay in contact with your mortgage company. I know that once the foreclosure proceedings have begun, the phone call assault from you lender will be overwhelming. Your phone will ring so much that the hair on your arms will stand on end at the sound of any phone ringing! Fight the urge to scream at the person on the other end and do your best to convey your situation. The truth is, the person in charge of deciding how quickly the fate of your foreclosure is addressed… is another human being. Believe it or not, your rapport with them can have an effect on how the rest of your situation is handled.
  • Do you owe more than your house is currently worth? Get a professional, like myself, to do a short-sale to help preserve your credit rating. By law, you are not able to profit from the banks loss as a result of a short-sale, but the truth is… you’ve saved yourself against a BIG mark against your credit and secured your ability to obtain financing in the future!

I have spent the last 3 years learning all there is to know about foreclosure, and the process of foreclosure in the state of Illinois. If you are staring down the clock wondering what you can do, you need to call me. I have helped many families avoid foreclosure, and I’m confident I can help you too!

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Julie Ferenzi
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I had some extra time this week, so I used it to visit the Cambridge at Liberty Grove sales offices. I’m glad I did!

cambridge water parkLiz Sieben is one of the sales managers at Liberty Grove and I spent a few minutes talking with her about the community. She was very helpful and gave me some valuable information on the floor plans of the models they offer. She also shared that there is an on-site elementary school as well as a private community zero-depth pool. This photo is the Liberty Grove Water Park!

I was so impressed with how big and well planned these homes were that I wanted to you to see for yourself. Click on the links below to view the shows I created for the models at Liberty Grove.

The Tuscan | The McKinley | The Endicott | The Dalton

Let me show you how I can save you money on your new home purchase!

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This past fall I was driving to a Dr.’s appointment for one of the kids. I was running late and decided to take a detour through a newly redesigned street. Drauden Road had been closed for awhile and now I know why!!! A new subdivision, Springbrook of Plainfield, was being developed.

Springbank of Plainfield is a custom home community made up of several local home builders.

Springbank LogoThis week I decided to stop by and preview the models to see for myself why it was featured in the 2006 Chicago Sun-Times Cavalcade of Homes and I wasn’t disappointed!

This 250-acre custom home community is amazing!!! I visited a model called the Gibson – and I was absolutely blown away by its design!

This home by Hometown Builders was designed with families in mind.

Hometown Builders is only one of the many builders offering new construction homes in this community. I met with Janine in the sales office when I previewed one of the floor plans available from them for construction.

If you have kids... can you imagine spending the summers at the community’s 9-acre aquatic center?! They have water slides, a zero-depth swimming pool, and competitive lap and diving pools.

If you’ve been looking for a custom home in a well planned development, right near the heart of Plainfield, IL, you have to visit this community. Priced from the mid 400’s, and ranging to the mid 600’s, it is an amazing custom home value!

Besides, there is a charming one-lane bridge within walking distance of the neighborhood that crosses the Du Page River! The community is also a short distance from Plainfield Central High-school which is part of the highly sought after Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202.

If your looking for a new construction, custom home in Plainfield, you owe it to yourself to visit these models. If your like me, you’ll want to move in… this weekend!

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